Teeth Whitening


The duration of teeth whitening will mostly depend on you and your oral hygiene, though the results can be everlasting. Create a brilliant smile with us.

Teeth Whitening
Teeth Whitening

Dreaming of a whiter, brighter smile?

You’ve come to the right place here!

Here at The Yardley Clinic, we’ve been providing our patients with top-quality teeth whitening treatments in Birmingham for years to help reduce the appearance of discoloured teeth.

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Teeth whitening at The Yardley Clinic

Anyone can suffer from tooth staining, and even those with the best oral hygiene routines can lose a little sparkle from their smile over time.

Whether your enamel has darkened with age or you’re an avid morning coffee drinker, teeth whitening in Birmingham could be the solution you’ve been looking for to restore your pearly whites.

We offer several at-home, in-practice or combination teeth whitening treatments that are sure to help improve your smile.

How does teeth whitening in Birmingham work?

The active ingredient in teeth whitening gels is a concentration of either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. This bleaching agent works by changing the colour inside the teeth (dentin) and removing stains from your tooth enamel.

Am I a good candidate for teeth whitening?

For most people teeth whitening produces excellent results. But, teeth whitening won’t lighten teeth with dental restorations. It only works on natural teeth and superficial surface stains.

Teeth whitening can exacerbate sensitive teeth, so if you suffer from sensitivity, your dentist may advise against the treatment.

Whitening treatments are not recommended for pregnant or nursing women because the impact of the whitening chemicals on the foetus or breast-feeding baby is unknown.

Teeth whitening treatments

Is teeth whitening in Birmingham safe?

Teeth whitening is safe under the supervision of your dentist. Bleaching gels have a neutral pH level, but they can irritate your gums and the soft tissue in your mouth if they aren’t used correctly.

Do I have to come to the practice for teeth whitening?

Many of our teeth whitening treatments are designed for use at home. If you opt for home-based whitening, you will need to attend an initial appointment. Your dentist will assess your teeth and gums to ensure you are suitable for the treatment.

They will also take an impression of your teeth and gums and have a custom-fit whitening tray made for you. The treatment itself will take place on your own time and in the comfort of your own home.

Once you have your whitening tray, you can also purchase additional tubes of the whitening gel to top up your treatment as needed.

Is teeth whitening permanent?

Teeth whitening is not a permanent solution for stained teeth. Your enamel remains porous, so food, drinks, and tobacco can still stain your teeth.

Your dentist can provide you with the aftercare advice and recommend touch-up products you can use to keep your smile bright.

You can extend the lifespan of your teeth whitening procedure by practising good oral hygiene and visiting your dental hygienist for regular cleanings.

extend the lifespan of your teeth whitening procedure by practising good oral hygiene

How much does it cost to get teeth whitened?

In-office whitening is the most effective type of whitening treatment, but it is also the most expensive. It typically involves applying a bleaching agent to the teeth and then using a special light to activate it. The treatment typically takes 30-60 minutes per session, and most people need 2-4 sessions to achieve their desired results.

Here are some factors that can affect the cost of teeth whitening:

  • Type of whitening treatment: In-office whitening is the most expensive, followed by at-home whitening with whitening strips. At-home whitening with whitening trays or gels is the least expensive option.
  • Number of sessions required: The more sessions of whitening treatment you need, the higher the total cost will be.
  • Dentist’s fees: The cost of teeth whitening will also vary depending on the dentist’s fees.

To get a more accurate estimate of the cost of teeth whitening, get in contact with The Yardley Clinic today. We can assess your individual needs and preferences and recommend the best treatment option for you.

How can I whiten my teeth perfectly?

Achieving perfectly white teeth requires a combination of professional dental care and at-home maintenance. At The Yardley Clinic, we offer a range of teeth-whitening services to help you achieve your desired smile.

Our in-office whitening treatment, Opalescence Boost, is one of the most effective and fastest whitening methods available. It uses a high concentration of carbamide peroxide to quickly and safely remove surface stains. The treatment typically takes 30–60 minutes per session, and most people see noticeable results within just one session.

For a more comfortable and convenient option, we also offer Zoom! Whitening, which utilises a revolutionary light-activated system to activate the whitening agent. The treatment is gentle and effective, and it can be completed in just an hour.

What is the best thing to whiten teeth?

The ideal approach to whitening your teeth is determined by your specific needs and preferences. However, professional in-office treatments are generally the most effective and fastest whitening options. At The Yardley Clinic, we provide a number of teeth-whitening techniques to help you attain the smile of your dreams.

Opalescence Boost,our in-office whitening treatment, is one of the most effective and fastest whitening techniques available. It employs a high concentration of carbamide peroxide to remove surface stains rapidly and safely. The therapy usually takes 30–60 minutes per session, and most patients experience visible effects after just one session.

Zoom! Whitening is a more comfortable and convenient solution that uses a new light-activated method to activate the whitening chemical. The therapy is gentle and effective,and it takes only an hour to complete.

Can yellow teeth become white again?

Yes, yellow teeth can become white again. The degree of whitening will depend on the cause of the yellowing, as well as the type of whitening treatment used. However, in most cases, it is possible to achieve a significant improvement in the appearance of your teeth.

Does brushing your teeth 3 times a day make them whiter?

While brushing your teeth twice a day is recommended for optimal oral hygiene, brushing three times a day is unlikely to have a significant effect on whitening your teeth. Brushing more often can be harsh on the enamel, potentially eroding it and making your teeth more susceptible to staining.

To achieve whiter teeth, focus on proper brushing technique and using a whitening toothpaste or mouth wash. Regular dental checkups and professional whitening treatments can also help remove deep stains and achieve a brighter smile.

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