Composite Bonding


Quick, painless composite bonding is often done in one visit. As less enamel is removed than with veneers, the tooth structure is preserved.

Composite Bonding

About the treatment

Composite Bonding Birmingham

Got chipped, cracked or stained teeth?

We have just the solution.

Composite bonding in Birmingham is an excellent way of enhancing the overall appearance of your smile, requiring little to no preparation on your natural teeth.

We use the same composite material we use for white fillings to correct staining, repair chips, or even reduce the appearance of gaps between the teeth in just a single appointment. We can even adjust the shade of the material to match the rest of your teeth to achieve the most seamless, natural look.

How does composite bonding work?

The process begins with an initial consultation.

During this appointment, we’ll check if you’re eligible for the treatment, discuss the dental problems you’ve been having and how exactly you want your teeth to look.

On the day of your composite bonding appointment, your dentist will begin by roughening the surface of your tooth to help the composite material bond to it.

Then, they will apply a strong adhesive before placing the resin onto your tooth and finish by shaping it to match the rest of your natural teeth.

Finally, we’ll cure it with a special light and polish it for a smooth finish.

Does it hurt?

Composite bonding requires minimal tooth preparation beforehand, so it usually doesn’t hurt.

No anaesthetic is needed, and no permanent alterations are made to the natural structure of your teeth – as no drilling is necessary.

You may experience some sensitivity to heat and cold after the procedure, which an over-the-counter pain medication can relieve until your symptoms subside.

How should I care for my teeth after composite bonding?

There are a couple of things you can do to maintain the results of your composite bonding treatment.

Follow good oral hygiene practices by brushing your teeth twice every day and taking the time to floss.

Avoid substances known to stain the teeth, such as tea, coffee, and red wine for at least 48 hours after the procedure, as composite resin can stain in the same way as natural teeth.

You should also steer clear of biting into hard things like ice cubes or sweets and chewing on pens, fingernails, and other objects, as they have the potential to damage bonded teeth.

How long does composite bonding last?

The lifespan of composite bonding can vary depending onvarious factors, including the type of bonding material used, the location ofthe restoration, and the individual's oral hygiene habits. However, in general,composite bonding can last for 3–10 years before requiring touch-ups or replacements.

Proper oral hygieneand regular dental checkups can significantly extend the longevity of compositebonding. Brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and using fluoride toothpastecan help maintain the integrity of the bonding material and prevent decay orstaining. Regular checkups allow the dentist to identify any potential issuesearly on and address them promptly to prevent damage to the bond.

Is it worth getting composite bonding?

Whether or not compositebonding is worth getting depends on your individual needs and preferences. Itis a relatively affordable and durable treatment that can provide significantcosmetic benefits, such as repairing chipped, cracked, or discoloured teeth,closing gaps between teeth, and improving the overall shape of your smile.However, it is not as durable as natural teeth and may require touch-ups orreplacements over time. It is also important to consider your lifestyle andbudget when making this decision.

Do they shave your teeth for composite bonding?

In most cases, yourteeth will not need to be shaved for composite bonding. The dentist willtypically use a specialised adhesive to bond the composite material to yournatural teeth. However, in some cases, the dentist may need to slightly roughenthe surface of your teeth to improve the bonding strength. This is typicallydone with a very fine diamond bur, and it is not painful or invasive. Thedentist will always discuss any necessary tooth preparation with you before youhave the procedure.

How much is composite bonding in the UK?

The average cost ofcomposite bonding in the UK is £250 per tooth. The minimum cost is £150, andthe maximum cost is £400 per tooth. The cost will vary depending on the size ofthe tooth that needs to be bonded, the complexity of the procedure, and thedentist's fees.

Here are somefactors that can affect the cost of composite bonding:

·        Sizeof the tooth: Thelarger the tooth that needs to be bonded, the higher the cost.

·        Complexityof the procedure: Morecomplex procedures, such as closing large gaps or reshapingteeth, may cost more.

·        Dentist'sfees: The cost ofcomposite bonding will also vary depending on the dentist's fees.

To get a moreaccurate estimate of the cost of composite bonding, get in contact with ustoday. They can assess the extent of your dental problem and provide you with apersonalised quote.

Do bonded teeth look fake?

When done correctly,composite bonding should not look fake or stand out from your natural teeth. Askilled dentist can match the colour and texture of the composite material toyour natural teeth, making it virtually undetectable. However, if the bondingis not done properly, it may look unnatural or yellowed compared to yournatural teeth. It is important to choose a dentist who has experience with compositebonding and who can provide you with a natural-looking result.

How painful is composite bonding?

Compositebonding is generally considered to be a painless procedure. The dentist willuse a local anaesthetic to numb the area where the bonding will be applied, soyou will not feel any pain during the procedure. In some cases, you may feelsome temporary sensitivity or discomfort after the procedure, but this usuallygoes away within a few days. Over-the-counter pain relievers, such as ibuprofenor acetaminophen, can help reduce any discomfort.

How many visits does composite bonding take?

Composite bonding is typically a one-visit procedure.However, for more complex cases or when multiple teeth need to be treated, itmay require two or more visits. During the first visit, the dentist will cleanand prepare the tooth for bonding. They will then apply a primer and adhesiveto the tooth surface to create a strong bond. The composite material will thenbe applied and sculpted to the desired shape and colour. Finally, the dentistwill cure the composite material with a special light. If multiple visits arerequired, the dentist will typically wait a few days between visits to allowthe bonding to fully set before proceeding to the next tooth.

How many teeth do you get composite bonding on?

The number of teeththat you can get composite bonding on depends on the extent of your dentalproblem and the dentist's recommendations. However, in general, you can getcomposite bonding on anywhere from 1 to 4 teeth per session. If you needto have more than four teeth bonded, you may need to come back for multiplesessions.

It is important todiscuss your individual needs and preferences with us dentist before decidinghow many teeth you should get composite bonding on. They can assess your dentalproblem and provide you with a personalised treatment plan.

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Composite Bonding

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Composite Bonding

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Composite Bonding

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